2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Specialty Awards
The Ricky Carmichael Hard Charger Award and the Oakley Bomb Fastest Lap Program acknowledge riders at each round of the season for their spectacular efforts. The Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot Championship is brand new to Lucas Oil Pro Motocross this season and tallies the holeshot winner in both classes at each round this season, awarding a bonus to the rider who earns the most points at the end of the season in each respective class.

The Ricky Carmichael Hard Charger Award
The RC Hard Charger Award is entering its fifth season. Named after Ricky Carmichael, the most winning motocross rider of all time, the award recognizes the one competitor at each of the 12 rounds of the championship who overtakes the highest number of his fellow racers in one of the four championship motos between the 250 and 450 Classes.

The award is a testament to “The Greatest of All Time” or “The GOAT” and his never-give-up attitude over the span of a career that warranted 10 Lucas Oil Motocross titles and 102 wins – two feats that will likely never be duplicated. All recipients of the RC Hard Charger Award are given a custom-designed trophy.

2013 Recipients
Hangtown Malcolm Stewart & Cole Seely
Thunder Valley Jason Anderson
Tennessee Justin Bogle
High Point Broc Schmelyun
Budds Creek Phil Nicoletti
Moto-X 338 Ryan Villopoto
RedBud Adam Cianciarulo
Washougal  Trey Canard
Spring Creek  Ryan Villopoto
Unadilla  Marvin Musquin
Utah  Dakota Tedder
Lake Elsinore  Adam Cianciarulo

The Oakley Bomb Award
The Oakley Bomb Fastest Lap Program is designed to present a unique challenge for the 2013 season. The Oakley Bomb program will provide a different twist by recognizing the rider who sets the fastest lap of practice in both the 250 and 450 Classes. Each rider will receive special Oakley Bomb trophy, specially designed by the brand.

As the season wears on, the total number of Oakley Bomb awards a rider receives will be tallied into a final season total. The competitor with the most awards at season’s end will be presented with an Elite Oakley Time Bomb II Swiss Automatic Watch.

2013 Recipients
Event Class Recipient Lap Time
Hangtown 450 Justin Barcia 01:58.0
  250 Eli Tomac 01:57.5
Thunder Valley 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:03.4
  250 Eli Tomac 02:03.7
Tennessee 450 Josh Grant 02:03.4
  250 Ken Roczen 02:02.0
High Point 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:13.5
  250 Blake Baggett 02:14.8
Budds Creek 450 James Stewart 01:58.6
  250 Eli Tomac 01:59.9
Moto-X 338 450 James Stewart 01:55.0
  250 Eli Tomac 01:58.3
RedBud 450 Ryan Villopoto 02:15.7
  250 Eli Tomac 02:18.0
Washougal 450 Ryan Villopoto  02:07.9
  250  Ken Roczen  02:08.7
Spring Creek 450  Ryan Villopoto  01:53.3
  250  Eli Tomac  01:53.4
Unadilla 450  Ryan Villopoto  02:16.3
  250  Eli Tomac  02:15.6
Utah 450  Ryan Villopoto  02:02.1
  250  Eli Tomac  02:00.9
Lake Elsinore 450  Josh Grant  02:09.6
  250  Eli Tomac  02:09.1

The Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot Championship
Championship points are tallied over the course of 12 rounds in both the 450 and 250 Class, where each Moto 1 holeshot winner gets one point and the Moto 2 holeshot winner gets two points. If the same rider holeshots both motos of the day, that rider would get an additional bonus point for a total of four points, thus creating a mini-championship inside the series championship. At the end of the season, the rider with the most points in each class will be the winner. The final payoff will be a $25,000 check for the 450 Class winner and $15,000 for the 250 Class winner.

Motorcycle Superstore
Holeshot Championship
Event           Class/Moto Recipient
Hangtown         450M1 James Stewart
  450M2 James Stewart
  250M1 Blake Baggett
  250M2 Zach Bell
Thunder Valley 450M1 Justin Barcia
  450M2 Justin Barcia
  250M1 Zach Osborne
  250M2 Jeremy Martin
Tennessee 450M1 Ryan Villopoto
  450M2 Justin Barcia
  250M1 Justin Bogle
  250M2 Eli Tomac
High Point 450M1 Justin Barcia
  450M2 Josh Grant
  250M1 Zach Osborne
  250M2 Marvin Musquin
Budds Creek 450M1 Mike Alessi
  450M2 Mike Alessi
  250M1 Wil Hahn
  250M2 Wil Hahn
Moto-X 338 450M1 James Stewart
  450M2 Ryan Dungey
  250M1 Wil Hahn
  250M2 Ken Roczen
RedBud 450M1  Josh Grant
  450M2  James Stewart
  250M1  Wil Hahn
  250M2  Jeremy Martin
Washougal 450M1  Ryan Dungey
  450M2  Josh Grant
  250M1  Justin Bogle
  250M2  Wil Hahn
Spring Creek 450M1  Justin Barcia
  450M2  James Stewart
  250M1  Wil Hahn
  250M2  Wil Hahn
Unadilla 450M1  Ryan Villopoto
  450M2 Ryan Villopoto
  250M1  Wil Hahn
  250M2  Martin Davalos
Utah 450M1  Ryan Villopoto
  450M2  Ryan Sipes
  250M1  Martin Davalos
  250M2  Justin Bogle
Lake Elsinore 450M1  Josh Grant
  450M2  Justin Brayton
  250M1  Zach Osborne
  250M2  Zach Osborne

Holeshot Points
450 Class 250 Class
James Stewart 9 Wil Hahn 13
Justin Barcia 8 Jeremy Martin 4
Ryan Villopoto 6 Justin Bogle 4
Josh Grant 6 Martin Davalos 3
Mike Alessi 4 Eli Tomac 2
Ryan Dungey 3 Marvin Musquin 2
Ryan Sipes 2 Ken Roczen  2
Justin Brayton 2 Zach Bell 2
    Zach Osborne 6
    Blake Baggett 1
Number of Holeshots
Justin Barcia 5 Wil Hahn 8
James Stewart 5 Justin Bogle 3
Ryan Villopoto 4 Zach Osborne 4
Josh Grant 4 Jeremy Martin 2
Ryan Dungey 2 Martin Davalos 2
Mike Alessi 2 Marvin Musquin 1
Ryan Sipes 1 Ken Roczen  1
Justin Brayton 1 Blake Baggett 1
    Eli Tomac 1
    Zach Bell 1